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Hello! My name is James Lindstrom and I'm the author of Catacombs and other stories. I'm primarily a web developer working with JavaScript, Node, etc., but in my spare time I like to write these stories for my friends, family, and anyone else who will read.


In early 2015 I began to write Catacombs. At the time I was reminiscing on what made Lego's Bionicle, my favorite childhood toy line and saga, so compelling. During this contemplation inspiration struck, and I began to write. I hoped to capture the mysterious environment, likeable archetypes, and fun powers of the Bionicle series without directly copying them. What I have now is, for better or worse, quite different than my original vision, but it's still an experiment I hope to complete. My intention for Catacombs is to publish it to this site one chapter at a time as the chapters are written.

It's slow going, and I don't have a schedule for it yet, but ideally I'd like to get to the point where I'm regularly releasing a new chapter on a weekly or biweekly schedule. Catacombs is planned to have three arcs and we are currently in the first one.


As for Luminary, I've wanted to write that story for a long time. What began as the playful exchange of posts on social media (and honestly, sort of a joke) is now an epic that I'm anxious to tell. Even an experienced fiction writer would probably struggle with the challenge of writing a sci-fi space adventure with time travel and superheroes, so my greatest fear is that I'll mess up this long-standing dream of mine.

Luminary is planned to have many story arcs, much shorter than the ones present in Catacombs. My hope is that this format will allow me to bring many different adventures with many different characters all together in a shared universe. A universe with a secret...